Online Information & Education Conference 2019

Background and Rationale

       Technology has changed rapidly in recent times. New technologies could disrupt existing technology. These issues lead to questions such as the roles of librarians or libraries and essential skills for the librarian profession in the 21st century. With the partnership of Book Promotion & Service Co., Ltd. and Booknet Co., Ltd., Suan Dusit University has acknowledged the changing roles of libraries and the environment of educational institutions to embrace the creative learning environment for future libraries. Also, we respond to the behaviors of 21st-century learners regarding freedom of information accessibility and educational equity that are the trends of the world and Thailand. Therefore, Suan Dusit University, Book Promotion & Service Co., Ltd., and Booknet Co., Ltd. have arranged an “Online Information and Education International Conference 2019” with the theme 'The Changing Higher Education Environment and Libraries roles’ from 31st October 2019 to 1st November 2019 at Raktakanishta Hall. This international conference is a venue for exchanging new knowledge with other countries and building awareness for developing new roles of libraries. Participants may apply knowledge to manage services of the libraries and education to respond to changing trends in education and technology at both national and international stages. This conference will be useful for managers, directors, teachers, lecturers, librarians, information specialists, educators, library staff and other parties to exchange and develop new knowledge, experiences, and profession through the network of universities, higher education institutions, public and private organizations at the national and international levels. Participants can gain new knowledge and understand the roles of libraries and the environment of educational institutions from experts from many countries. They may apply knowledge to develop libraries to become sustainable learning spaces while developing efficient services of libraries and information to respond to users in a digital age.


1. To build awareness about changing the library’s roles and environment of educational institutions for the creative learning environment of future libraries and learning behaviors of learners in the 21st century
2. To be a venue for dissemination and exchange of framework for developing skills of the library science profession to offer efficient services of libraries and information
3. To adapt and learn about technologies that can impact libraries and the environment of educational institutions


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sukum Chaleysub

Suan Dusit University

Mr. Pote Narittakurn

CEO iGroup

Dr.Lee Chu Keong

Nanyang Technological University

Mr. Peter Sidorko

The University of Hong Kong

Ms. Yuvarani Nair

Outreach Consultant IES Research Consulting

Mr. Chris Geary

The CEO of BSD Education

Mr. Surendra Man Shrestha

Director Development, iGroup

Mr. David Shawah

Director of Business Development


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